Programming can be considered my major passion. I program since I am 15 year old and I’ve done a lot of projects since that time. Betweem  June 2005 and year 2009, I contribued to KDE, the major desktop environment for UNIX.

This page contains a list of all projects that I find worth naming then and putting on this page.

Active Projects

That Game From Russia 2009 (C++ with SDL)


A Tetris I wrote to challenge myself of writing a game and a Tetris. Done in about 2 weeks.

Release and source at Google Code projet page.

Inactive Projects

KDE 2005-2009 (C++/Qt/KDE)

From June 2005, I was a active KDE contributor contributing mostly to Kopete, the KDE instant messenger. Due to lack of time(university) and interest, I am no longer active.

Gamefu 2006-2009 (C++/Qt/KDE)

Gamefu is a ROM manager for KDE3. It create a database collection of all your ROMs on your system and you can launch them and easily find them.

Source code can be found in KDE svn under

Gamefu/SDL 2004 (C++/SDL)

Gamefu was originally a UNIX/Linux SDL program that I’ve done with my friend to have a fullscreen interface to launch ROMs. I decided to reuse the name for the desktop application.

Gamefu/SDL screenshot

Source code is available here

libpcg 2008 (C++)

libpcg is a library to handle PCG files used by Korg workstations. This library can be use to write PCG managers. It was also written in mind to be used by My Backstage to generate a PCG file that matched a setlist.

Project page on GitHub

LegacySPC 2007-? (C++)

LegacySPC is a library that want to emulate the SPC700, the audio coprocessor of the Super Nintendo. So far, only the CPU part is done and none of the other components are finished.

Project page on GitHub

My Backstage 2008 (C++/Qt4)

My backstage main window

My Backstage is a program to manage a tour of a rock band. This was a project I’ve done at the university.

Project page at GitHub

AeruIRC 2002-2004 (C#)

This was my first big project I have done in my programming life. I have no intentions to rework on that project. I was a fun learning experience on C#, Object-Object programming and managing a project.

See AeruIRC homepage for more information.

Trainers (2001-2002)

My first programs were mostly trainers to hack emulator savestates of games. You can find the source code of each trainer along with their binary release

Failed Projects

Here is a list of projects where I don’t give the source code because in their current state they are useless and I have no intent to continue working of them. I have created this list to show some projects that I attempted in the past but failed to deliver something out of it. However, I can give you the source code if you ask.

Contra SP – 2004 (C on GBA)

I tried to create a remake of Contra and Super Contra on the GBA. Due to lack of resources (graphics mostly) and badly code, I gave up. Nowadays with Contra 4 out there and the Nintendo DS, the project is irrelevant.

Player Advance Puyo Puyo – 2004 (C on GBA)

This project was started as a side project of Contra SP to get more hand at game programming and GBA hardware. I gave up when trying to figure out algorithms for the game.

Super Robot Wars 3 Workshop 2002 (C#)

This project was done at the same time of Super Robot Wars EX Workshop. Halted due to lack of interest.

TileVE2 2004 (C++/Qt4)

TileVE2 (Tile Viewer/Editor/Extrator) is a tile editor for ROMs. I developed this tool to try rip out the Contra graphics from the NES rom.

libpapillon 2006-2007 (C++/Qt4)

libpapillon was a client library for Windows Live Messenger protocol. Due to SOAP and frickin’ webservices that drive me mad, no progress was made and someone in Kopete brought another WLM plugin found in KDE 4.2 release. Did I mention that SOAP sucks ? 🙂

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