Music and synthesizers are a great part of my life. While programming is my main passion, I could say music is second main passion. I prefer using hardware synthesizer because they are more direct to program and to use, also it drove me away from computers. I also do some NES chiptune using a program called FamiTracker.


Super Metroid – Brinstar Vegetation 8bit using Famitracker

Kraftwerk – Das Modell 8 bit using FamiTracker

Ozzy Osbourne – Mr Crowley Intro

Roland JD-990 presets demo

Korg Radias Sound Demo 1 (Bank N)

Korg Karma Custom Combi – Magic Universe

Korg Karma Custom Program – Total Crunch


  • Korg Kronos
  • Korg Karma
  • Korg Radias
  • Roland JD-990

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