I’m your host Michaël Larouche. I’m a proud Quebecer/Québeçois (and not a French Canadian :P). I’ve been writing code since 2001 when I started learning to really learn C by actually writing programs instead of just reading the book (I was 15 back then). Since then, I’m on this great journey being a software developper.

My goal

My goal here is to share to you, yes I mean YOU, what l’ve learned so far to master my craft: programming. I’ll talk about various subjects that surround software engineering, game development, best pratices, agile development and various other things.

If you came here to learn about the meaning of life, I suggest you watch this movie instead. You’ll see, it’s awesome.

My geek side

Most of my experience came by being involved with open source software that I created or I contributed. See my programming page to list all the significant stuff I’ve done.

My main programming languages are C++ and C#. I also know D,Python, Ruby, Bash, Java.

I code primarly using Windows 7 (work and home) and Mac OS X (home) on my MacBook Pro.

My boring ass life

I currently live in Montreal working for Ubisoft Montreal Studio as a junior Sound Programmer. I studied at UQAC (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi) where I got my undergraduate degree in « Baccalauréat en Informatique » (basically computer science).

My main hobbies are listening to music, playings keyboards and synthesizers and watching movies. Also hanging out with some weird creatures called people.

Internet Identity

StackOverflow flair

One response

30 01 2013

Tried to get your classic synth sounds from Kronos patches but were not available

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